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Things You Must Do When You're in Inle Lake - Part B

Visit Traditional Markets & Handicrafts

Often, one of the stops of the boat tour is a visit to a few traditional markets where you can see locals selling traditional produce. The village of Thaung Thut, located half an hour away holds a big market which people flock to every five days. If you venture a bit further, you will find villages who produce a lot of handicrafts, some of which they sell in the markets. The people in the Kyauk Taing village are into pottery while the people from the Kyaing Kan specialize in robe weaving. These little handicraft villages range in products and while some can argue that most of them are made specifically for tourists, this still provides employment and livelihood for the locals.


A rather controversial stop in the village tours is seeing the people from the Karen long neck tribe whose gold elongated necks made them a popular tourist attraction. While visiting these types of attractions is solely up to you, if you do go, just make sure to take the time to speak to the women from the Karen Tribe. Rather than treating them like attractions, get the time to get to know them and their stories.


Ride a Hot Air Balloon

Instead of floating on top of the ancient pagodas in Bagan, you can also fly on top of the beautiful and serene Inle Lake. While floating and gliding up in the air is fun regardless wherever you are, seeing the roofs of the stilt houses and the lush greenery around you is something else. If you’re in Inle Lake and haven’t had enough of your hot air balloon fill yet, consider doing it over the ethereal like Inle Lake as the sun rises over the sky.


Adventure Trekking

Another very popular thing to do while in Inle Lake is to trek to Kalaw (or vice versa) which took about three days. While the days were hot and humid, the scenery along the way made up for it, giving you a glimpse of the simple yet happy way of life that the Burmese people were living. If you want a less rigorous trek, you can also head to Kalaw for a day trip and take on a few treks and trails from there.


A Visit to the Pagodas in In-dein Village

Located in the Western side of the lake, you will find a small river leading up to the village of In-dein. Here, you can find an endless row of pagodas and stupas all lined up in one area. In this densely populated area, you will find these monuments both old and new lined up for visitors to see. Some boat tours stop over here so if this is something that you would like to see, make sure you check your boat tours itinerary ahead of time.


Between the stunning views of the lake, the incredible sunsets, and the warm friendly people, Inle Lake is definitely a part of Myanmar we recommend you visit.



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