Soft Trekking: A New Adventurous Way to Explore Inle Lake, Myanmar​

Your journey through Myanmar will be filled with every mode of transport imaginable; cars, trains, boats, planes, e-bike, and even a horse-buggy. But nothing beats transit by foot in this part of the world. As Myanmar continues to open up to visitors, so does its network of walking trails.


Compared with the rest of Southeast Asia, Myanmar’s trekking paths are yet to be overwhelmed by the footfall of tourism. For more ardent walkers, a range of overnight treks exist, many with monasteries providing distinctive overnight accommodation. They also give access to otherwise unreachable local tribal groups.


One popular trekking route is from Kalaw to Inle Lake, which winds through the Burmese countryside. Kalaw has become quite popular among travelers lately. Heading west from Inle, it's possible to trek overnight to the former British hill station of Kalaw, or vice versa.

The roads are a combination of flat, hilly, rough and smooth categories. With varying degrees of difficulty (tailored walks to your fitness level), there are a number of routes. One of the more challenging routes is between two villages, Than Dang – along a shady tree-lined path where you can find respite from the sun – and Baw Nin Khone, close to Kalaw.

Life is synonymous with new experiences which are acquired from daring and venturing out. You will walk through the most stunning natural landscapes imaginable such as acres of farmlands, corn fields, and rice paddies stretching as far as the eye can see; this will provide a new and awesome experience. With an epic golden hour, followed by a glowing sunset, followed by the darkest night and a sky full of stars your evenings will welcome you to your resting point.


There are few up hills and rough paths as you trek along. From Kalaw to Inle Lake, the road isn’t smooth all through. Take enough water for the trekking in Myanmar, Kalaw to Inle Lake. The essence of getting enough water is due to dehydration that is experienced by all human beings walking under the sun. If you are looking for accommodation in Mandalay, we recommend Shwe Inn Tha Floating Resort in Inle Lake Myanmar.


It’s important to get a reliable guide to assist you along the trip as no individual can take the risk alone. Having companion to talk things, a little thing about life would make your trek more delightful. You can also learn about tribal life and culture. The trek takes you through the Pa’O tribe, which is one of the largest ethnic minorities in Myanmar. Pa’O tribes has its own set of customs and traditions. So, you’ll really get a unique cultural experience that you won’t find outside of these areas.


Sleeping in a monastery is the bucket list item. The Tithein Monastery provides a rustic but friendly place to spend the night, offers a simple meal of chicken curry, vegetables, tofu and rice for you and lets you experience a way of life unchanged for generations.

Authentic culture, beautiful scenery, and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sleep in a monastery are just some of the reasons why you can’t miss this activity in Myanmar.




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