Intha people: Local Tribe in Inle Lake, Myanmar

In western Shan State, you will find picturesque Inle Lake, with its famous floating villages and unique floating gardens of the local Intha people; their living communities based entirely on the water. Inle Lake, a freshwater lake, is the second largest lake in Myanmar located in the Nyaungshwe Township of Shan State, part of Shan Hills in Myanmar.

Soft Trekking: A New Adventurous Way to Explore Inle Lake, Myanmar

Your journey through Myanmar will be filled with every mode of transport imaginable; cars, trains, boats, planes, e-bike, and even a horse-buggy. But nothing beats transit by foot in this part of the world. As Myanmar continues to open up to visitors, so does its network of walking trails.

Visitez les marchés traditionnels et l'artisanat​

Visitez les marchés traditionnels et l'artisanat
Souvent, l'un des arrêts de la visite en bateau est une visite à quelques marchés traditionnels où vous pouvez voir les locaux de vente de produits traditionnels. Le village de ThaungThut, situé à une demi-heure de là tient un grand marché que les gens affluent à tous les cinq jours. Si vous vous aventurez un peu plus loin, vous trouverez des villages qui produisent beaucoup d'artisanat, dont certains vendent sur les marchés.

When is the Best Time to visit Inle Lake?

Located in Shan State, Inle Lake is one of the popular tourist destinations in Myanmar. As it is the second largest lake in Myanmar, you may get the experience of exotic countryside views and rustic life of floating communities there. Although it has a monsoonal climate with annual average temperature of 26°C, the climate is strongly high in May, up to 30°C on average; and slightly falls in January. During the raining season, the average annual rainfall is about 1,370 mm. And, May and September are the wettest period.

Off the Beaten Path in Shan State, Myanmar

From ancient stupas to mesmerizing scenery and a friendly people, Myanmar—formerly known as Burma—is one of the most enigmatic countries in Southeast Asia. With democratic reforms steadily transforming the face of Myanmar, parts of the country still seems locked in a time warp—many people still live in low-rise towns and villages made of mud brick and bamboo.


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