Myanmar's Tourism Boom Endangers Fragile Ecosystems in Lake Inle

Boasting epic and varied landscapes, quiet beaches, small villages home to indigenous tribes, a culinary experience that's unlike any other, and a chance to get truly off the grid, the former Burma is one of the area's last undiscovered gems. From hiking the hills outside of Heho, to biking in and around Bagan, you'll immediately understand why so many people want to keep this incredibly beautiful and emotionally captivating country a secret.

3-Day Trekking Experience from Kalaw to Inle Lake, Myanmar

Many people ask how far Inle Lake is from Yangon, but this depends on what mode of transport you choose. It is approximately 650km from Yangon but it is a popular tourist route and there are many other options for how to go to Inle Lake. One of the options is trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake over 2 or 3 days. The sleepy town of Kalaw is known for being the start of one of Myanmar’s best experiences, a highlight that every traveler who passes through talks about. Between the varied and diverse scenery during the three day trek and the fact you are able to experience the simplicity of life in the villages that you trek to, makes this is an experience that I highly recommend to anyone heading to Myanmar.

Experiencing Life on the Water, Inle Lake – The Most Picturesque Region of Myanmar

Myanmar only started to open to tourism in 2011 and Inle Lake came later to the game. Truly appearing on tourists’ radars from 2014 but has since seen an explosion in the number of visitors. In the past, Inle Lake, and Myanmar for that matter, was the subject of dreams and trips by hard-core off-the-beaten path travelers that managed to get in and explore the country during the regime’s close-off.

Experiencing Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Inle Lake

Taking to the skies in a hot-air balloon as the sun slowly breaks above the horizon is a pretty exciting, ‘tick-it-off-the-bucket-list’ experience many of us would love to have… But riding in a balloon over Inle Lake – that’s the kind of thing that makes your trip to Myanmar truly unforgettable!


在茵莱湖独特的水世界中,Intha渔夫单腿划独木舟、花园漂浮、栖息在摇摇晃晃的高跷上方的木制房屋。 每天早上,一队装有长尾舷外发动机的细长木制独木舟冲出来,将游客运送到各种自然、文化、宗教和历史遗迹。 乘船游览水上风景是体验茵莱湖最受欢迎的方式。


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